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we want to provide backward connection support to the countries busting export-oriented industries. There are thousands of garments industries around the world but our missions set us as a unique one among them. We always point on maintaining several factors; like establishing good relationships with values customers, manufacturing garments accessories that consistency meets international standards, delivering consignments according to the terms of the customer order, with regard to deadlines and other such conditions. Supplying facilities related to the product and the workers who work there, as well as controlling the systems and delivery. Because from the inception we had a policy to popularize Garments accessories effectively and distribution regards to the customer demands.


If you are born, you have to die, if you live, you have to Buy. with this very simple policy, our vision is to inspire its employees to be the best they can be. Visions the company Montrims holds is strictly following the latest fashion trends and industry needs offering world class products using advanced technologies, and always adhering to on time deliveries. To be a top manufacturer of quality Ready Made Garment product in international market, by fulfilling their customer, human capital as well as their business partners. We are dedicated to helping the nation with organizing financial solutions, through creating jobs to the unemployed and gaining important overseas exchange.